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~Katie's Cradle is an organisation started in 2012 after the devastating loss of our beloved horse Katie and gained Charitable Status in February 2016.

We are an organization dedicated to the advancement of  animal welfare, education and self empowerment based on complete non harm. We believe it is impossible to empower yourself or others if it dis-empowers another; no matter what species. In honor of the strength and kindness Katie brought into our lives, Katie's Cradle provides a space for all living beings to find emotional relief and explore their own journey to wholeness. Here at Katie's cradle, people help horses and horses help people.~




Horses have been a companion to mankind for as long as we can remember, but over time they have become less companion and manipulated more into workers that we disassociate into no longer having a mind of their own. We have in many ways also done this with mankind, with about 1 in 6 of all adults suffering from common mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.



"You cannot empower one being, by disempowering another"




Watching the way these horses approach different situations - especially after past trauma. -helps people connect and relate to their own recovery.


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Parkhead Farm

Bridge of Allan 




Charity number SCO46370

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