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Welcome to Katie's Cradle, where connections are made.  


Horses have been a companion to mankind for as long as we can remember, but over time they have become less companion and manipulated more into workers that we disassociate into no longer having a mind of their own. We have in many ways also done this with mankind, with about 1 in 6 of all adults suffering from common mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. 


Here at Katies Cradle we rehabilitate horses that have gone through abuse or neglect caused by this disassociation, bringing them back to their natural state together. By watching the way these horses approach different situations - especially after past trauma. -we hope to help people too, helping people connect and relate to their recovery.


We believe you can’t empower one being by disempowering another, so the targeted classes we are looking to run have no pressure on either our animals or people to do anything they don’t want to do; giving voice and choice to those who have previously been unheard.






Based In

Parkhead Farm

Bridge of Allan 




Charity number SCO46370

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