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At Katie’s Cradle we work with people and horses who have had difficult lives, bringing them together in a mutually beneficial environment to develop empathy, communication and confidence, and ultimately, to change their lives.


Katie’s Cradle rescues horses who would otherwise have been euthanised due to severe behavioural problems. We work with only a small number of horses and we give them a permanent, stable and settled home. We address their health needs, which can be very severe as many of the horses who come to us have been neglected for months or even years. We then put in a programme of rehabilitation and support to gradually introduce the horses to people.


Katie's Cradle also recognises the mutual benefits that ontact between people and horses can bring and we have witnessed the profound impact our animals can have on  people.


Horses/Animal Welfare:

  • We usually work with horses who are not managing in the mainstream through behavioural issues.
  • These horses are brought into a bonded herd and allowed to re-balance and become whole again.
  • Once the horses have rebalanced we work on the natural behaviours of the horses, encouraging communication and when they are ready, work with people.



  • We have a dedicated volunteer team who have benefitted from the opportunity to care for and work with horses.
  • We help people to develop their non-verbal communication techniques with therapeutic value and have worked with volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and with different needs.
  • As we grow, we aim to work with other service users who we know will benefit including:
    • Veterans
    • People with autism and aspergers
    • People with a history of subtance misuse
    • Disaffected young people
    • People with dementia including alzheimer's disease
    • People with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem


We have empathy based values and strongly believe that we cannot empower one being by disempowering another.  From this viewpoint, the Katie’s Cradle horses are nurtured, listened to and heard; they are given choices and are not forced into any activity.


Using the natural behaviour of the horses as a guide, we can help people recognise non-verbal signals, learn to communicate effectively and look at issues they may be facing themselves.



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