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  • Chris Dalgleish (Sunday, August 04 19 11:20 pm BST)

    i got put on to sharon through social media looking for volunteers to help build fences. now i am volunteering on a full time role and finding it somewhere to relax and be at ease swell as being amongst some amazing animals in a friendly atmosphere i feel i can truly be myself and one thing i can say is i am so glad i volunteered to help with the fences. to everyone i have met both human and equestrian alike thank you i truly do feel like me and one of the team

  • Lisa craig (Thursday, July 04 19 08:58 pm BST)

    I was put in touch with sharon through mutual friends and I am so happy that I found her. I found myself in the unhappy position of having to rehome my lovely dog, through no fault of her own. Sharon and the charity have been wonderful. They have been so understanding and helped us through a really tough time. My dog now has a wonderful new home and this is all thanks to sharon and the team of people who worked so hard to help us.

  • Tammy fyfe (Sunday, March 17 19 08:12 pm GMT)

    Came to visit these guys and horse today was made so welcomed couldn’t have had a better day the time and effort yous put into these amazing horses is incredible can’t wait to come back and help out thanks again sharon and team 😘

  • Stacey Macdonald (Friday, November 30 18 02:01 pm GMT)

    I met Sharon on a mutual Facebook group and she has been helping me over phone and message with my horse and her help has been amazing she is so thoughtful and understanding I have a cushings older horse and 2 young filly’s and sharons advice has been top notch I also have fibromyalgia and adhd so she was so patient and understanding of me explaining things and spent her time just to help so they don’t just help there own horses but even disabled owners with horses with issues that are new to the person I was stuck and lost and Sharon helped me calm down and understand better without even meeting me I can’t thank her enough or recommend her enough

  • Lesley Mclelland (Monday, April 09 18 07:32 pm BST)

    I met Sharon and the Katie's Cradle volunteers at the livery yard my daughter went to with her 2 horses, to say these guys are amazing is an understatement! Had first hand experience of watching them with their herd and the amazing way they have with these wonderful animals, not only do they look after their own but are happy to lend a hand to novice like me, iv learnt so much already from Sharon and the guys that iv taken on one of my daughters horses who has now moved to join the herd at Katie's Cradle and in just 48hrs I had a different more relaxed horse. These guys are amazing and deserve a lot more credit than they get for the dedication they have (sleeping in cars in the bad weather so they would be with the horses no matter what). Thank you Sharon, Shelby and Jamie for everything you do , I will always support use any way that I can as I know as a small charity life isn't easy financially for you. Love you guys and the work you do 💗 x

  • Nicole (Wednesday, July 12 17 08:50 pm BST)

    I cannot give Katie's Cradle enough credit and thanks for everything they have done for not only the horse they took on but also for all of the support they have provided to my family through the most difficult time in our lives! Sharon is the nicest most genuine caring person I have ever met. In everything she does the animals welfare is always her first and main priority. We rescued a horse which was very timid and scared through no fault of his own but In fact previous owners. Due to personal circumstances we had to find homes for the horses fast and unfortunately no body was willing to take him on due to him being so Ferrell. Katie's cradle alrhough at their max capacity went over and above everyone and EVERYTHING else to secure him a safe place where he could live the rest of his days happy and part of a herd. Since becoming part of Katie's cradle he has come on so much and looks happy and healthy for the first time I have known. I am always kept up to date on his progress and will be forever in debt to Sharon and the team. Well done everyone! Myself, my mum and my siblings cannot praise and thank you enough xxx

  • James Anderson-Smythe (Tuesday, April 11 17 12:21 pm BST)

    Before I joined Katie's Cradle I wasn't very confident and not very active much. But since I started voluntering my confidence has went up I've made friends with the people at Katie's Cradle. And I am much more active than I have ever been I am much more happier with my life and its all thanks to Katie's Cradle.

  • Shelby McWilliam (Tuesday, April 11 17 11:50 am BST)

    I have been volunteering with Katie's Cradle for roughly 10 months now and I have loved every minute of it. We have had some good times, and some bad, but we fought through it and are now stronger because of them. I will continue to support this charity and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

  • Bill Douglas (Friday, April 22 16 10:25 pm BST)

    Having seen the horses in the care of Katie's Cradle on several occasions, now, it is clear that this project has had a truly amazing effect on the natures and behaviours of the horses.Sharon Taylor,
    whom I met only about 2 months ago continues to show a complete dedication to the betterment of her "guys" as she calls them, to the absolute detriment of her own situation.I don't know anyone I have
    ever met who displays such commitment- and her reward is the well-being of her "Guys"!

  • leanne (Saturday, February 06 16 10:32 pm GMT)

    I met Sharon through facebook when i saw posts about Lucien the asbo pony and friends. I started following their adventures and soon followed Sharon's methods. I soon started to get involved online
    with the charity. I have now been involved with the charity from the background and have had the pleasure of meeting the horses and seeing the way they all interact. I am now delighted to be a big
    part of the charity

  • Myriam (Saturday, February 06 16 06:28 pm GMT)

    I came to know Sharon quite by chance while visiting the Isle of Bute. Remarkable young woman who deserves to be recognised for the work she has done and continues to do. In a world where we all feel
    a little jaded thinking are there any really good people out there doing anything for anyone but themselves..... well I had my own question answered when I met Sharon. I hope for many happy years for
    Sharon and her lovely equine family.

  • Anabrese (Monday, February 01 16 08:55 pm GMT)

    I was delighted to come across Sharon and her approach to working with rescue horses at Katie's Cradle. As I had trained in animal energy healing, I had been feeling the call to be around horses for
    some time, to gain experience and learn more about them.
    So, when I met Sharon, whose work with the horses was based on respect, individual choice and gentle loving support, I was intrigued to know more. I started visiting the horses and quickly saw how
    friendly and trusting they were, even on a first meeting! On
    each visit, there was something new to learn and my relationship and bond with the horses steadily grew e.g today I had a few 'magic moments' with Aiyana as she let let me rub her ears and stroke
    around her head and face. She also rested her head on my hands
    for a few moments while looking me in the eyes with her big gentle and trusting eyes. This was a horse that was once labelled aggressive and beyond hope! But, luckily Aiyana came to be with Sharon
    who loved her and nurtured her into being the horse that Sharon
    (and Aiyana) always knew she was! A kind, gentle soul with a big heart and a lot of love to share. I am looking foward to getting to know all the horses even better when they move to their new home
    shortly, and to witness more of the wonderful life-enhancing
    and emotional healing work Sharon does with the horses that come into her care. I am touched by the horses gentle kindness to me and grateful for the compassionate care that Sharon provides for the

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