Our People

Ms Sharon Taylor - Chair


Sharon has been around horses since the age of three, learning many different horsemanship styles before developing her own through studying herd dynamics and behaviours. She used this to create Katie's Cradle in hopes of rehabilitating horses in their natural environment and helping people overcome issues or past trauma.

Sharon has worked in my different voluntary positions and sat on several committees, even holding working for the mounted police and then as a substance abuse worker; something that sparked the idea for Katie's Cradle.



Mr Conor Watt - Vice Chair


Conor is a biology student studying to train in veterinary medicine. He has always had a passion for volunteering and helping animals fom a young age, even traveling to Thailand to volunteer with elephants. He hopes to help with the future success of the charity, is passionate about helping fellow vets such as himself and strongly agrees with Katie's Cradle's natural aproach to rehabilitation.

Mr Steve Byrne - Treasurer


Steven has actively volunteered for over 25 years with the communities he is involved in, serving on many committies and acting as chair for several charities throughout the Kintyre area. He has experience as treasurer in several committees but has been with Katie's Cradle before it even became a charity and is more than proud to be one of our trustees.

Miss Shelby McWilliam


Shelby has been volunteering with Katie's Cradle since 2016 after looking for work with horses that was different from the mainstream. As our most knowlegable and involved volunteers, Shelby was voted in as a trustee to represent the young people that Katie's Cradle work with. Not only has she gained many adimistrative skills and has learned about the legalities of charities, she has also become more confident with both people and horses.


"working with troubled horses opened my eyes to how we, as people, are quick to label difficult behaviour both in animals and people without taking the time to look a little deeper and find out what the causes are.  I am very passionate about what we as a charity stand for, I have seen through my own experience how effective bringing these horses and people together works for all involved."

Miss Grace Smith - Social Media Secretary


Grace has always had a passion for animals from a young age and has always spoken out on mental health issues and stigmas in the media. With a history working in jobs that have won awards for their use of social media and training in graphic design, Grace hopes to bring Katie's Cradle to the next level and spread the word about the work we do.

Mr James Anderson - Smythe



James started at Katie's Cradle looking to overcome some of the issues he was facing, hoping to improve his OCD, anxiety and social and weight issues. Over the past 2 years his issues have drastically reduced and he has grown massively in confidence.

James was voted in as a trustee to ensure Katie's Cradle has a representative for people who suffer similar issues as he did: 

"I like the idea that I am able to have a voice in the charity that will help other people who suffer issues like mine"


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