Vice Chair/Secretary

Conor Watt

Conor Watt, born 1992 in Sacramento Californa, is currently a student at the University of Stirling studying biology and joined the Katie’s Cradle team in August 2019.


Conor soon imbodied the ideals of the organization and became much more involved than a normal volunteer, thus leading to him taking on the role of Vice Chairman.





"I first came to Katie’s Cradle believing my experience in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), in which I served for five years in the infantry and was decorated for my service in Afghanistan, would be of some use when working with fellow veterans." 



The experience and expertise Conor brings with him cannot be easily quantified but there are three main points that makes him well suited for the role.

  1. His experience working with animals, as he worked with elephants in sanctuaries across Thailand and as a kennel manager at a veterinarian hospital. He also has plans to become a veterinarian himself, which drives his desire to learn different aspects of animal care
  2. His time in the military has instilled in him a drive to improve himself and his surroundings and to always hold himself to a higher standard. He has reached the ranks of a noncommissioned officer (NCO) during his time in the USMC and these skills have transferred to his work at Katies.
  3. He is also the president of the Universities Muay Thai team and is an executive for the sports union. Using these connections, he has brought us closer to the university than ever thought possible. From getting involved in individual student projects, to offering placement opportunities, to dressing up as Santa and sitting for photos with a Shetland pony on campus for exposure, there is nothing Conor won’t do for this charity.

Conor has brought many talents into his role as vice chairman and brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to Katie’s Cradle.  Conor has also formed an emotional connection with our smallest pony Frankie the Shetland pony, showing that true friendship really can come in all shapes and sizes.

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