Working Up A Storm

We have a lot of plans for the area this year and we are happy to say that the work has started.  This week, we are getting the base finalised for the two caravans to to safely situated.  The scraping of the paddock area has also started but will take a bit longer to come to fruition.  We are hoping to create a hard standing area and pathways up to the top two smaller paddocks for some future projects.  Our next big job is to erect a nice, safe fenceline on the entrance to the yard which will be a lot more pleasing to the eye and allow the horses another section of field.

Two jobs down!!!!  The caravan groundwork was completed and the two extra caravans situated.  We have also managed to secure the fencing on one of the top paddocks.

This has been really hard work and we are all exhausted but it is worth it once you see it starting to come together.


We were donated the two extra caravans by the wonderful group 'Families in Need' from Falkirk.

The materials needed to complete the groundworks and securing the fence were funded by our first Gift Aid payment.  





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